The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself

We spend so much time worrying about temporal happiness and temporal safety.  We have a culture of distrust – women distrust men, men distrust women, any group of people you can gather together is easily prodded to distrust the “others”.  It’s gotten a little boring for me, frankly.  What’s the point?  Other people will hurt you.  This is news?

When you stop worrying about what other people might do to you, and start worrying about how you’re going to be judged by an Almighty God for your own actions, then you can start getting somewhere with your life.  We only get one chance to glorify His name and spread the Word.  We only get this pair of hands to work with, we only get this life to live in this body, and He can take that away from us before the next breath.

But God, being just, does not judge you on what you were not given.  We, as Christians, are not accountable to other humans, and we are not found to have “won” or “lost” by human measure.  We are accountable to God Himself.   Drag me to the chopping block – I’m accountable for the manner of my death.  Lock me in a prison cell, I’m accountable for the time I spend alone with God.  Give me riches, wealth and power – and I’m accountable for how I use them.   This makes me terrifyingly free, even in chains.

If you run your life being afraid of what other people might do, you’re not doing much with your life.  Everyone in your life is a mortal, therefore everyone will fail you.  The best spouse in the world is subject to illness, accident and death.  Your family, likewise.  Dearest friends might move away.  Your environment should not determine your effectiveness in the absolute.

Modern humans have lost this sense of absolute accountability.  That’s why our judges and rulers are so horrible.  They’re not afraid of the Final Court.  No, to them the temporary court of human opinion, which is so easily swayed by displays of status and wealth… that’s all that matters.  The court of public opinion has always been fickle.  If you seek to win by its rules, may God have mercy on your soul – for the temporal court has no mercy at all.

Death before dishonor once meant something to women and men alike.  But it is only if you believe in the Final Court and the Great Judge that dishonor has meaning.

It’s not a sin to try to make life less unpleasant for yourself, and it’s not a sin to buy insurance or take appropriate measures to provide for rainy days.  It’s a sin to trust in that temporal assurance.  It’s not a sin to seek love, for every human born wants to be loved – but it’s folly to trust in love for happiness.

People *will* fail you, but God will not.  So, live for God.  What is it that He has entrusted to you?  Cherish that.  What lion’s den has He asked you to enter?  Enter that.   He doesn’t promise any one of us a life free of pain or persecution.   We are promised something far better, and we have no way of knowing when we’ll be called Home.  Let us do the best we can with this very temporary moment, trusting in Him with our riches and future.



SSM’s thread ( ) made me think of this post, but it really doesn’t have much to do with it.  It’s an odd brain I have…

3 thoughts on “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself

  1. donalgraeme

    Great post Hearthie. This mirrors some of my recent thoughts and prayers on Hope. The problem that a lot of Christians seem to have when they talk about Hope is that they tell us to have Hope in other human beings. As you note, this is folly. Hope is found only in the Lord.

    1. hearthie Post author

      Thank you, Donal! We hope *for* other people. “I hope you will do the right thing” “I hope you have a good year”. We *place our hope* in Jesus Christ. 🙂


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