People vs. Things

I’ll assume that those of you with open eyes have noticed that this world is getting progressively more evil.  That’s nice, in that it’s much easier to see that black is wrong rather than endless shades of grey… but it’s not nice in any other way I can think of.  It’s certainly not nice to live in this world, to see the evil that’s all around you.

When you see the systemic evil, the first thing that comes to mind is that we should fight the evil systemically.  If God has called you to this, God bless.  But I think that we make more of a difference by working in the lives of individuals.   If there were more Christians in this world, and they were all serious, committed Christians who obeyed Christ out of a heart of love… wouldn’t most of the world’s problems take care of themselves pretty quickly?

(I tend to think we’re getting Raptured out soon… but that doesn’t mean you take your hand off the Work, it means you work more earnestly because the “time’s up” bell is going to go off any second.   Either way, good is achieved).

What can we do?  Love people.  Verb-Love people.  Get out there and say the good word, do the good thing.

I guess this is what I say all the time… but it’s so darn easy to say that “someone else has this” or “the problem is too big” – well, someone else is working on something, and  yes, the problem is too big.  So what?  You’re supposed to get out there and love people anyway.  You’re supposed to let the Holy Spirit work through you.  You’re supposed to pray unceasingly, and live a life of faith.

God will make of us what He pleases.  He will make of our efforts what He pleases.  We need to not forget either that we are dependent on Him – or that He has instructed us to get busy.

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