Make time for people

If people are forever and civilizations are temporary, doesn’t it make sense to spend time, energy and money on people rather than on things?

This is part of the point of having a wife at home after the children are toddlers, in need of immediate and constant care.  Even with homeschooling mine, I am able to shuffle my time around so that I can get on the phone with someone that needs an ear, make a meal for someone in need… just be available.  (If I do too much of this, it gets too much – I have room to shuffle, I’m not sitting around with nothing to do).  

Lots of things in life require someone to just be there – it’s like making stews or baking bread.  You see the time in hours required and you faint – but mostly it’s not about sitting there for hours messing with something the whole time.  You just have to poke whateveritis with a stick occasionally to make sure it stays on course, and the rest of the time you use to do other stuff.

Making time for people in life is like that – you just leave little air gaps in your day, in your life, so that you can do people stuff.  People stuff is the stuff that matters.  I know, it feels like thingstuff is the stuff that matters.  To me too!  But resist the urge to turn into a Martha – you can do the dishes later.

The mark of a Christian is supposed to be love for one’s neighbor.  How can we love our neighbor in spirit and in truth if we can’t do anything for him/her?  Are we supposed to give in to the ethos of today and just think happy thoughts about them?   James says that’s not much use.  (James 2:16)  I’m pretty sure, since “Love your neighbor as yourself” is the second commandment (after “Love the Lord your God”) that we should make sure that we’re really loving people.  

Speaking of loving – we need to love one another, as Christians in the family.  I might disagree heartily with some points of your doctrine – you know, there’s a good probability of that – but if we’re both Christians, both part of the family of Christ… I’ve got your back.  Families take care of our disagreements in private, and we stand together in public.  We take care of one another and patch each other up and scootch each other towards what’s best.  Yeah, we squabble – what family doesn’t? – but we need to remember that we are a FAMILY!  The concept is to get more folks to join our family, you know?  We need to have each other’s backs in order to get through these dark days.  Too many people hate us for loving our Lord – we don’t have time to hate one another.  

Anyway.   Make time for some people today.  🙂  In the Family, out of the Family – make some room in your life for love.

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