A Heart for the Lost

Why live the Christian life out loud?  It’s so much easier to live on the QT, just going along and getting along, not creating any waves, just being in love with God and accepting His blessing on your life.

This life isn’t so we can live in peace and quiet with our vine and our fig tree.  That’s not for us, not our promise.  (We have better).  Our lives are to be lived to bring glory to God.  We’re in a spiritual war, every day of our lives.  And sometimes it’s easy to think of the other humans on this planet as the enemy – but they aren’t.  They’re deluded prisoners of war.  Some of them are wielding swords for the enemy, some of them just sit there and clank their chains despondently, but they’re not the enemy, and our goal isn’t to defeat our fellow humans.    No living human is our enemy.

Our lives are to be lived in such a way as to draw others to Christ.  We’re to draw the lost to His banner, we’re to remind the prodigal son that there’s a banquet waiting at home.  We can’t do that if we’re all the time worried about making nice and keeping up with the Joneses.  It has to be okay to be different, to be something weird and wonderful and amazing – to let the sheer difference of life with Christ shine through us.   The world is dark and there are fewer and fewer lights – it’s easy to do this, so long as you have the courage to start.

My heart is – and always has been – for the lost.  I’m a terrible evangelist.  Worse yet at apologetics.  But I will stand for Christ.  I will stand here and say, “Come Home”.  I will wear the badge of “Christian” gladly, even when some of folks calling themselves by that precious name have splattered it with mud.   I don’t want to confuse anyone.  COME HOME.  The door is open.

Helping Christians live as better Christians is a good thing, but I want to help Christians live as LOUDER Christians.  You’d best be living right – no one wants to listen to a loud note of discord – but that’s not my business.  I want you to get right and then get out there.   You live in the midst of starving people and you have bread.  Start spreading it.  Talk about God, talk about Jesus, talk about your Christian walk.  Follow the rules.  Be kind, be generous, be funny, be loving.  Be honest.

The poor prisoners all around you don’t believe that you’re not wearing shackles – so first you have to show them that you’re free.  Then they don’t see their own chains – so you have to pray that the Lord opens their eyes.  And THEN they can come to Jesus, and accept the freedom that He offers.

The Church has gotten so good at acting like “everyone else” that no one will believe that we’re free until we start dancing.

Embrace your freedom.  Be different.  And get busy.  The fields are white and ready for harvest……. we *need* your hands.   We need your voice.   Please.  This life is short, and it’s not for living for just ourselves.

2 thoughts on “A Heart for the Lost

  1. Velvet

    It seems a good part of the brethren are bent on running people off these days. While the entrance is narrow, Christ is NOT a closed club. “We’ll take ’em anyway we can get ’em” was the motto of one the early Baptist mega churches in Austin in the eighties. Willie Nelson was in their commercials. Of course I have no way of knowing how many people were led to salvation by that, but I can guarantee they had a pew to sit in and were at least offered the opportunity.

  2. Phedre

    I loved this.

    “The poor prisoners all around you don’t believe that you’re not wearing shackles – so first you have to show them that you’re free.” Once they’ve seen that the seed has been planted. The next step – showing them their own shackles – is only going to be doable with a very few close people, unless you are a great rhetorician. But as long as the seed has been planted, they have a lifetime to decide they want to water it and see what it grows into.


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