Shiny Sparkly

So, our lives ilved in the will of God worked out.  Or the lives of our parents, lived at least more-or-less in the will of God – they’ve worked out.  

Maybe it’s okay that we make people uncomfortable.  Not on purpose, but maybe it’s okay if – to speak more precisely – God uses us to prick someone’s heart.  I’m a squish, so it’s awkward.  But… maybe it’s okay.  Maybe we need to let God use what He’s worked in our lives for His purposes and not get in the way.  And maybe that awkward uncomfortable feeling we get when people look at us as if we were boasting is God’s way of keeping us humble.  

I think I pricked a heart today.  Wasn’t meaning to.  But I think I did.  Just every day chatter.  And I could have taken the softer road, but I said what I meant and went forward.  

Yes, there are a lot of people who talk a good talk about being self-confident.  But they’re so transparent that they might as well be plate glass.  Resting in the power of God, resting in the power of your identity in Him, isn’t that better?  So, maybe if He shines through you and that makes folks feel weird, maybe that’s what you were there for – to make them feel a little weird.

I am a smush, I like making people happy and comfortable.  But Christians die because they make people uncomfortable.  Good Christians, who are exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit, not rebels.  They die.  They weird people out.  Just – doing their thing, living their lives the way God said to live ’em.  

We are supposed to live in the expectancy of Jesus’ soon return.  We don’t need to fit in.  We need to get on with our mission, as children of the King.

2 thoughts on “Shiny Sparkly

  1. Sis

    You are a good friend. I bet they will forgive you soon. I hate making people uncomfortable too. We are to be gentle, attractive, and offensive lights. Love you!


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