Stand up and be counted

I hate to tell you this, gang…. but you might be the only Biblical Christian that your friends have ever really gotten to know.

If you think that “someone else” will stand up for what you believe – they won’t.
If you think that “someone else” is going to tell people what the Bible says – and what it doesn’t – try again.
If you think that “someone else” is going to live the Christian life and do the hard work of showing fruit – nope.

You’re caught between the nearly comic villains throwing temper tantrums on the TV… the ones whose spiritual forefathers enjoyed the Inquisition… and the ones who take the Bible and cut more out that Thomas Jefferson, arranging what little they leave into origami. Anyone hanging out being serious about loving Jesus and showing His love to the world, *while* standing on the truth? Not so many.

I’m mostly writing to Christian women here, although my topic isn’t typically girly. I’m actually writing to mature Christian women. We already know how to keep house and iron the cat. What we need is a little gentle shaking to stop being so nice and start being real. Not “oh really I suck” real, but “really I love God and do the best I can”. We need to stop pretending that we don’t have any power outside of ourselves. We have Almighty God as our Creator, Lord, Liege, and He has stuff for us to do!

We need to be the incredible PTA mom – and say, “Nope, can’t do Sunday, we’ll be at church. 79th and Main, the Baptist church. Yep.” We need to be the lady who goes back into the store to give back over-change.. wearing long skirts and smiling nicely. We need to have the decent family dinner out at a restaurant – that begins with heads bowed saying grace. We need to be the one “they” see consistently being *real* and being *good*. “No, she’s not just acting like that, she’s always polite”. “Oh Sadie will help you… she’s always got time for a cup of tea and a friend”. We MUST set an example.

“Someone else” is NOT going to do it.

You’re it.

Step up.

4 thoughts on “Stand up and be counted

  1. Susan

    I think *this* is the post that’s been brewing in you for some time. Very well said! I intend to keep this and look at it from time to time, to keep myself focused.

  2. Maeve

    Another wonderful post – it really all does come back to us, doesn’t it? We must live the faith publicly and even the smallest of ways may have a huge impact. I hope you will be posting more.

    1. hearthie Post author

      Thank you . And yes, yes I will. I use the blog to verbalize my thoughts and then I rewrite them for the book. I did a couple of pages today.


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