So Far… what do we have?

Item 1: Be Ambassadors – understand that the West is post-Christian in culture, and you can’t assume that your neighbors and friends know what a Christian looks like. You’re it. Stand up and do it right.

Item 2: Be Real – For good and for ill, show your whole self. Let your Christianity be visible, invite folks in to see how it operates in your life.

Item 3: Get up and Get On with it.

I’ve thought of a few other things to say here and there and then the thoughts have drifted off like butterflies in the wind. Maybe there’s not a lot left to say, or maybe I need to do some review/editing before I can start again.

The point has been that the West is a place where Bible believing Christians are few and far between, at least insofar as the world is concerned. Have you see the media and how we’re portrayed? If that doesn’t profoundly embarrass and/or enrage you, you aren’t awake. But we can use this ignorance to the benefit of the kingdom. We can be public about our Christianity, and about the ways in which is profoundly affects our everyday lives. *We* can use our differences to make people interested… at least if we’re willing to live like Christians, all the time. Even when it gets hard.

And maybe I have enough content to print this stuff out and start editing it. Opinions/thoughts/anything I should write about first? GO!

9 thoughts on “So Far… what do we have?

      1. Sis

        I don’t know what you should write about, but I do find that I have more ideas when I’m reading quality literature. Go to the library.

  1. Elspeth

    I don’t know if I have any thing to offer by way of suggestion yet, but I am definitely being blessed and encouraged by what you’re offering here, Hearthie.

  2. Maeve

    You’ve given me so much food for thought – mostly along the lines of “do I reflect what I believe?” I’m not sure that I always do. And I particularly like you point about using our differences to get people interested. Apathy is perhaps more insidiously dangerous than ignorance. One can correct ignorance – at least beliefs are held -but apathy – that’s so much harder to overcome.

  3. chris

    The Spengler comment. In a society of zombies, don’t be like them. Or, putting it more realisitically, remain faithful to the word of God. Do not stray. Do not become fashionable. Stick with the truth.

    1. hearthie Post author

      @chris – agree. That’s what I’ve been trying to get across. Sometimes we can become Christian zombies instead of worldlings… we need to wake UP.


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