Eternity, Dimensionality, Gnosticism, MMOs, Predestination

I first found the theory that the “real” universe has 10 dimensions by listening to Chuck Missler (1). Apparently the physicists (2) and ancient Jewish philosophers (Maimonides) have come up with the same number of dimensions. When I originally ran up against the theory that the reality that we live in is more or less a digital simulation, I felt a bit gnostic about the whole thing – like “well, I guess this isn’t the real me, the real me is the spirit”. And then I did a bit more thinking. Does a three-dimensional being not inhabit MORE of reality, *know* more of reality, than a two-dimensional being? Simply assuming that this world that we see isn’t everything doesn’t imply that our bodies are nothing – no, it implies that our bodies are exactly what Scripture has always said. That we see but a shadow of reality as we are now – but someday we will see the Truth, but in order to do that, we must become like Him. We must put on our own glorified 10 dimensional bodies to perceive His true self.

I’ve played a lot of very immersive MMOs over the years, and I know how easy it is to get sucked into that world. The more time you spend there, the more that reality squishes out your real life. There are things to achieve (3), places to explore – and very frequently, some incredibly beautiful places to visit. You make friends, you do things… yes, you’re limited to sight and sound, but they do the best that they can with those senses. There is beauty to be found in some MMOs.

Likewise, I’m a lifetime escapist reader. Let me tell you about my two weeks on the train through China, with nothing to do but read (and reread) the Narnia series. When you immerse yourself in the world of words, you can start to live in that world. Surely I am not the only person who goes back and visits “old friends” in various books – just rereading to get the flavor, visit the characters… not because I’ve forgotten the plots. At any time I can flip forward to find out what the characters do without hanging out for the intervening time… it doesn’t put me in control of the characters’ decisions!

This aligns me with CS Lewis insofar as the predestination/election fight is concerned. If God created Time, then it follows that He is outside of Time. If outside of Time, then He can see all of Time as easily as I can pick a book up off the shelf and select any page at random. (More easily, I am sure – and He can make changes, which I cannot). (Actually, this makes me think of “The other dimensions have to deal with possibilities. The fifth and sixth dimensions have to deal with the future. According to quantum physics there can be any number of possible futures, but the reason why only one outcome exists is the act of choice. The fifth and sixth dimensions deal with the branching of each of these possiblities. In essence if you could master each the fifth and sixth dimension you could travel back in time or go to different futures.” (2). Perhaps this is part of what is affected by prayer?) At any rate – I agree with CS Lewis. (paraphrased) “To watch a man doing something is not to force him to do it.” God already knows what you will choose. And perhaps your choices have been affected by the prayers of others (this is about to make me MUCH more serious about my prayer life).

So what do I think? Little Hearthie, who is no great mind, thinks that we are probably already 10 dimensional beings, and we’ve been squished down into these 3 dimensional bodies, aware of nothing more than what we can see – and at the same time, the shadows and echoes and faint far-off scents of other dimensions filter down into our awareness, confusing us and making us search for things we are forbidden to touch. The echoes of “we are all eternal beings”, reincarnation, etc – they’re echoes of the truth. We are more than we can see, and yet this reality is totally real. We are not less than fleshbeings, we are more. Our choices mean more, our prayers are greater than we can fathom, our loves and our hatreds shape more than we can imagine…….. and all of this, we could have learned by paying closer attention to the Scriptures.

All small truths flow into the one large Truth, our Lord Jesus Christ. We are being made into beings like Him – beings who can taste eternity.

(3) someone please remind me to write a blog about the illusion of achievement in MMOs

5 thoughts on “Eternity, Dimensionality, Gnosticism, MMOs, Predestination

  1. Chris

    MMOs are as useful a method of scoring ones life as your Hirsh Index or Klout score. They are all proxy measures. The measure Christ recommends is that of our fruit: the consequences that exist because of our existence.

    And that is a much more scary thought.

    1. hearthie Post author

      Yes, exactly. MMOs offer you the illusion of productivity and fruitfulness, while really achieving nothing at all. But they WILL suck you in, particularly if fruit-bearing isn’t something you feel like you’re doing in life. I have a post to write about that.

    1. hearthie Post author

      Short for MMORPG which is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game… like World of Warcraft, Everquest, Starwars, Rift, etc etc etc.


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