Blogroll added

If you don’t see yourself there and would like to, tell me. (If I know you or read your blog, it will happen).

If you do see yourself there and would like not to, tell me. (And it will go away).

Learning this WordPress thingamajigy. And since TC is fading into the sunset a bit… best to have a good blogroll. FYI, no one on that roll is going to agree with everyone on the blogroll. *I* don’t. Try not to start any holy wars, okay? I adore a good blogroll, so it’s far past time that I provided one.

I am not entirely thrilled with the blog theme, but I’m cheap and this works for now. 😀

-squishy hugs to everyone because I’m in that sort of mood-

7 thoughts on “Blogroll added

  1. infowarrior1

    You forgot me. I am the data aggregator on manosphere topics. You will find all sorts of useful links on my blog.


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