Ask: And find yourself with the answer

I prayed over the house and yard the other day. Well, I pray over my house fairly often. But this time I didn’t just ask for evil to be kept away, I asked for my home and yard – property line to property line – to be a blessed place full of God’s peace and goodness. I *asked* for the blessing of beauty.

We forget to ask for things a lot of the time. I’m no prosperity gospel spouter – God’s in charge, not me – but if you don’t ask, sometimes you don’t get. So – I asked.

And last night I was surfing pinterest, as I do so often when I’m tired … hit a “why I make my bed” pin. Well, I make my bed every day. But if you follow that pin, you get the “speed cleaning” pin. And that’s something that’s interested me for a while. I care a lot more about creativity than I do about order, but I *need* order to feel at peace. So I gave speed cleaning a try today. Somehow I think it’s speedier if you’re starting with a clean house. I spent all day cleaning! But my house looks so much better – and if I do it for a couple of days, I *will* have a really clean house. And then I can maintain in an hour or so per day.

And *that* would be awesome. Because I need to create beauty – and I have a lot of things I want to do. From all appearances, we’ll be into hospitality again soon. I’m going to need to have a clean house.

I have “The Hidden Art of Homemaking” on order… I think there is a lot of inspiration ahead of me, and I’m pretty SURE there’s plenty more perspiration.

So. I ask God to bless my home with beauty and peace – and He puts me to work! This isn’t the first time it’s worked out like this… but I always get a chuckle. I hope you did too. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ask: And find yourself with the answer

  1. Elspeth

    I truly enjoyed this. Very inspiring, Hearth. And you’re right. we often think certain things are too trivial to pray about. That kind of thinking misses the point. You prayed, but then you got to work. There’s a lesson there.

    1. hearthie Post author

      Thanks E! 🙂 It wasn’t me – at least mostly – pushing the clean. It’s more like a desire that has been stuck in me, along with the desire to search out (and do) things in the most efficient way. After a decade in this house, this year suddenly we’re doing a ton to it – I’ve looked at DH a few times this year and said, “Do you think God’s getting us ready for a ton of hospitality or something?” Sometimes I surf along and while I’m hanging out on the board, I’m looking around and marveling. Like, this stuff is all going the same direction, or is it? Is this all gelling? I’m always looking for God’s plan. Not that I’m very good at figuring out what He has in mind, but I figure it makes a pleasant, productive, and safe pastime. I’m always excited to find out what’s next!!!


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