Heretics Unite

I originally posted this at TC

I thought it went well with the post about Coolness.
John 18:38 Pilate said to Him, “What is truth?”

Welcome to the new society of heretics, circa 2013. The new religion is Niceness, and those of us who dare to question will be shunned.

The tenets of Niceness (a partial list):
•Everything will work out in the end somehow. (This divides into the Eastern Nice and Western Nice – the Eastern Nice believe that we’ll get another go at life, the Western Nice believe that we all go to a Nice place after we die).
•Everyone who is basically Nice – which is very nearly everyone – should be encouraged to do whatever-it-is they wish to do, so long as it doesn’t physically harm anyone else. (“Anyone” is somewhat fluidly defined. See: denominational differences).
• Those who aren’t Nice probably had a poor upbringing, and should simply be reeducated about Niceness, after which they will surely be more Nice than they were.
•Truth is relative. I have my truth, you have your truth, and as long as our respective truths please us, we should keep them.
•You should be Nice to the Earth and the animals too. (Denominational differences apply).
•People who question Niceness and have been educated about Niceness are Mean. Means should be scolded or shunned until they give up being Mean and learn to be Nice. (Pretending to be Nice is of course Nice – so long as you keep your mouth closed on disagreement, you’re Nice).

Until you recognize that the dominant religion in Western society is Niceness, you will end up in baffling conversations where people tell you that, “your religion seems to work for you, and that’s Nice, but it doesn’t work for me, so you shouldn’t bother me with it”. These people will also get very upset at you if you insist that Truth is objectively verifiable, and by definition, isn’t relative. (Relative truth is what Means call “opinion”).

Members of the Niceness religion will also get terribly upset at you if you say that there are right things and wrong things to do with your time, and that this matters after you’re dead. Remember, one of the central tenets of the Niceness religion is that “it all works out” – disagreeing with this is extremely Mean.

Some members of the Niceness religion confuse the issue a great deal by calling themselves by the name of older religions such as Christianity. Beware!

Means find other Means of different denominations much easier to communicate with – belief in objective Truth enables them to have disagreements that are meaningful. This may occasionally escalate, which gives the Nice ammunition. The Nice are, of course, very offended by the Means’ insistence that these things matter, and concentrate primarily on the social discord caused by the various Means arguing amongst themselves. Discord isn’t Nice.

Welcome to the land of the heretics, my dear Mean friends. This changes everything.

2 thoughts on “Heretics Unite

  1. van Rooinek

    Count me in the ranks of the “heretics”. I’m a nice person, most of the time, but I reject the “Nice-ean” creed. I guess I’m a Darwinistic throwback to the Mean-derthals, LOL.


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