My primary spiritual gift is exhortation, and it seems like I should just get to work and start exhorting.  Welcome to the land of the rough draft, where I get my thoughts out in no particular order to be sorted through later. 

CS Lewis wrote, in Mere Christianity, that being a person in society was like being a boat at sea.  You needed to first be in good shape as a boat, second you needed to not hit the other boats, and third you needed to know where to go.

It seems like most conservative Christian blogs want to work endlessly on “good shape as a boat”, and so what Christians are known for is boat-maintenance, including minutia that is incredibly unimportant (or offensive) to boats not flying our Lord’s flag. 

I am NOT saying that boat-maintenance is unimportant.  At ALL.  Not!  I want to be super super clear on this. 


There are fewer and fewer boats with our Lord’s flag running around… and we’re under fire. 

We need to start concentrating on “where are we going?” and “what can we do as a fleet”?  What’s the mission, people? “Go ye unto all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  Oh.  Yeah.  THAT mission. 

I hate, just as much as the rest of you hate, that America (and the West at large) is no longer a nation where we can default and relax into our Christianity and concentrate on waxing our decks and getting the ropes coiled just so.  Oh well.  All God’s chillen got problems, we weren’t put on this earth to make it Heaven, God’s got that decorated already – He didn’t send us down here to duplicate His work, He sent us here to make converts.

Every one of us has a gift, and we need to get to work.  On ourselves, certainly – but we are a fleet.  A family.  And we’ve been given a job to do.  We need to light up that hill, be salt, show the way, and love one another like crazy people.  Work.To.Do.

Get to it.

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